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Crystal glass spiral stair for Arabia project

This is a long and interesting story,my client show me several photos of the site when he contact me first time,and tell me the height between the two floors is 3100mm the size of the hole is 1550x1550mm, which is very helpful for us to design the stair.

But I still need more information to confirm the site so that my engineer will make a correct design. The most important thing is to know the direction of the entrance and exit, So I just asked my client and he sent me a picture saying it was the same as the picture.

At this point I realized that it would be difficult for the client to describe this detail and unwise for a salesman to ask clients in this way, how does average person know how to design stair?Actually, What we really need to know is which side of the hole has a wall, which side of the ground floor has a wall? And the wall will affect the design of the entrance and exit direction. So I made a sketch to figure out this detail. 

And my client responded very quickly, 

So far the design plan of spiral stair can be decided, and my client said that he want the treads of the stair to be made of tempered glass and the balustrade should be stainless steel. I sent a quotation to my client and he paid the deposit immediately, then we started manufacturing.

About one month later, the stair was installed correctly. 

Then we finish the surface treatment of the parts and pack them for shipment

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